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A few little things ...

So, I'm an Australian living in Glasgow at the moment. There seem to be two modes of spoken English around here - normal, comprehensible English-with-a-Scottish-accent, and quickly spoken dialectal Scots, of which I can barely make out a word.

I've found myself saying "No worries" embarrassingly often, as it is such a stereotypically Aussie thing to say. On the other hand, there is a local equivalent, "Nae bother", which people use quite often, and it hasn't stopped amusing me yet. What do people in other places use ?

I'm sure I'll start picking up some of the dialect after a while, using words like "outwith" without even thinking about it.

Finally, I was reminded while reading LJ earlier tonight that around here "tannoy" is used to refer to PA systems (at train stations, sports grounds, etc). I'm pretty sure Australians would generally call them "PA systems" or "the PA", unless they had a British background. Any other local variants out there ?
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