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Theatre Terms Part One: Improvisation

Here's one I've come across in recent months, having starting getting back into improvisational comedy. In Australia, we abbreviate "Improvisation" to "Impro". In America, it's "Improv". Those of us who say Impro have a hard time accepting that anyone would say "Improv"; it just seems a little unnatural to abbreviate something at a point where you wouldn't use a hyphen.

What do you use? Is it Impro or Improv in Canada and the UK? And in other places? Are there other names for it altogether?

PS - For examples of what I'm talking about, see Melbourne impro group The Crew and New York based public improvisers Improv Everywhere.
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I'm in Autralia too, but have heard both versions used here (or maybe I'm just too used to the international language of internet). I must admit, 'improv' makes more sense to me that 'impro', which just doesn't roll off the tongue the same way (it's the ending in a vowel that does it).
ah, that's intersting. I'm from Australia and I've always known it as 'improv'... and I think I got this from a teacher of mine, and he's of English origin.
I've never heard of it as impro, actually, but since you're the theatre guy, I shall defer to your expertise. As far as I know, both N American countries say improv.