myriad (tangledtale) wrote in uncommon_tongue,

skull --> chug --> ?

Hello everyone. New member here and I hope it's not rude of me to jump in requesting your assistance straight away, but I'm having a little slang-translation problem in one of the stories I'm playing around with and this place seemed like the perfect place to have my question answered.

It's a good thing there seem to be quite a few Australians here because the phrase I'm trying to translate is that pub-chant "Skull! Skull! Skull!" into something that might be more appropriate in a British/English setting. For those who aren't Aussies, it means to drink your beer as quickly as possible, preferably without taking a breath and all in one go. I thought that the word I'm looking for might be "chug" but apparently that's American, which doesn't really help, ey? So if anyone could enlighten me on what the British equivalent is, I'd be very grateful.
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